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Festival 2014 Closing date for entries
17th March 2014



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Festival 2013
Films - Award & Special Mention Winners

The following films are now available to view, please select red link
and choose full-screen for best viewing enjoyment.

Festival Award
Toby Alington - The Magick of Twickenham

Borough Animation Award
Alban Low - School Run Strut

Borough Community Award
Teddington Society - Bursting at the Seams

International Award
Werther Germondari - Panca Popolare Italiana

Borough Young Filmmaker Award
Isaac Whittingham - Sanctuary

National Drama Award
Oliver Vilas - Fresh

National Young Filmmaker Award
Rhodri Williams - Art of Motion

National Animation Award
Febrianto Pudi Utama - Lofty Thirst

Borough Documentary Award
Joycelyn Lewis - River Walk

Borough Attraction Award
Ham Youth Centre - Garden of Reason

Borough Drama Award
Dias Mussirov - I've Got You


Special Mention - Borough Young Filmmaker
Ben Elgar - Cat-astrophe

Special Mention - Borough Drama
Daniel Cormack - Nightwalking

Special Mention - Borough Documentary
Gordon Swire - Poppy Factory

Special Mention
WWT London Wetland Centre - Welcome to World Wetlands

Special Mention
Femi Oladigbolu / Abraham Adeyemi - Therapy

Special Mention
First Light - Ghost Girl

Special Mention
Nina Gerstenberger - Hampton and Richmond Borough Football Club - The Beavers

Special Mention
Harley Alexander - It Happened at Arthur’s